Progressive Overload: The key to losing weight

Progressive Overload: The key to losing weight

When we talk about intensity what we are referring to is the application of progressive overload. The most effective and controlled method of applying this is through resistance/weight training. Now that we understand the relationship between technique and the components of exercise let me explain how this actually works.

Muscles are made up of cells called muscle fibers. These cells are responsible for the contraction of a muscle which in turn pulls on bones via tendons and causes movement These muscle contractions require energy which comes from Glycogen and ATP stored in your muscle cells. The stimulus for this contraction comes from nerves called motor neurons carrying the impulse from the central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord.

During a weight training set the continuous stimulation of muscle fibers is required to complete each rep. After a particular number of contractions the individual fibers will run out of fuel eventually causing the muscle to fail.This fatigue is caused by your muscle fibers running out of ATP and Glycogen The actual contraction of each muscle fiber is caused by Myofilaments which lie within the muscle fiber. The myofilaments are made of protein which can be broken down during intense contraction and this breakdown is the key to the improvements in your physical condition.

If we achieve enough intensity and it is important to state that too much is not ideal either our bodies will respond to the breakdown of these protein filaments by burning fat reserves at a phenomenal rate to fuel the recovery of the muscle. After a brief intense workout it will take about 5 to 7 days for the particular muscle or muscle groups to recover. During this recovery period your body will burn more calories 24 hours per day.

The good news is that this is only the start of the metabolic benefits. As a result of this breakdown the muscle fibers will over compensate replacing more protein back into the myofibril within the muscle fiber. As we said muscle is active tissue and requires energy to maintain itself so your body will turn on its fat reserves to maintain the new protein deposits. The benefit is you will be left with a faster Basal Metabolic Rate so your body will be burning calories faster even when you are sitting down or sleeping You will become leaner lighter and fitter all at the same time and you’re improved body composition and faster metabolic rate will make it easier for you to stay that way even as you get older.

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"Walking out of New You approx. 14 weeks later was easy. The whole world seemed different, I weighed 60lbs less, I was lighter on my feet having much more energy. Weighing 13 stone 5lbs with a 37.5 inch waist, felt great. Having lots more muscle tone, that felt even better. I am now significantly stronger tighter and fitter than ever before."

David Kiely

"After 12 weeks of 6am starts, constant attention from John, good pains and a well-balanced diet... I love what I have become. I couldn't believe that I fitted back into my leather trousers that I couldn't pull up above my knees. And boy do they fit well! I suppose losing 12 kg of body fat and over 8 inches from my waist whilst gaining nearly 2 kg of muscle had to make a difference. "


"Its nearly 11 months since I started with New You. I haven’t put any weight back on, in fact I have continued to get considerably leaner lighter stronger and fitter.* I weigh just over 13 stone, my body fat is now under 15% which makes me pretty athletic, my waist is down to 32 inches and my lean tissue has continued to improve."

Colin Duffy

"Walking through the doors of NEW YOU for the first time was extremely difficult. At 55-years of age I had very little confidence and low self esteem. Twelve weeks later I walked out of NEW YOU a completely different person. I had dropped 37lbs of body fat, which meant I had gone from just over 11 stone to 8 and a half stone."


"I would like to thank my trainer and the medical support from New You and all the team who took a keen interest in my results. Also a special thanks to my mother Christine who got me started and supported me all the way. I have to say that one of the life changing moments I have had besides everything else… is to be able to buy clothes off the peg."

Kieran Smith

Disclaimer: Please note our testimonials are based upon individual results. Results from personal training and weight management programmes can vary from person to person and there is no guarantee of specific outcome. Our success stories are meant to showcase what our most motivated clients have done and should not be taken as average or typical results.

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