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Low-fat milk! Is it making you fat?

Published on 11th Feb 2020 at 13:23 by New You

This milk-shaking and oft-referred to study reported that casein, the primary protein in milk, causes cancer, but that doesn't hold up when you look closely at epidemiological studies. Besides, there's a lot of casein in mother's milk.

That would be a pretty silly idea on nature's part if it were to cause cancer. That would be a biological error on par with nature placing a rhino's genitals on his horn. Every time he butted another rhino, wham! Another generation would go down the tubes.

Coffee for Health and a Leaner Stronger Body

Published on 28th Nov 2019 at 09:45 by New You

We knew coffee lowered the risk of heart disease, inhibited different types of cancer, protected your liver, lowered your risk of type 2 diabetes, and made you live longer in general, but the results of a new study are quite astonishing.

Coffee, I'm naming it the healthiest drink in the world - but it’s nothing to do with Caffeine and more to do with CGA. Granted, coffees previous accomplishments were all praiseworthy, but when the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that drinking coffee has been found to elevate testosterone while simultaneously lowering estrogen in both men and women, for me the argument was over.

5 Reasons to Consume More Olive Oil for Men

Published on 26th Nov 2019 at 09:00 by New You

Next to fish oil, olive oil is the true superstar of liquid fats. In fact, next to fish oil and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), olive oil is exactly what you should be sucking up.

A component of olive oil causes your body to burn more fat. Olive oil contains oleuropein, a phenol that causes white fat cells to act more like brown fat cells. This is good news because brown fat cells are cells that contain lots of ravenous mitochondria (little organelles that are the source of all cellular energy) that take in nutrients and release heat.

The true story of Cortisol

Published on 20th Nov 2019 at 13:42 by New You

Believe it or not, there's no hormone in the body whose primary purpose is to destroy the body.

Cortisol has many key functions, but sometimes the hormone causes a little collateral damage when it comes to looking and feeling your best. Let's take a closer look.

I call cortisol the "readiness hormone" rather than the stress hormone. Its main purpose is to make sure you'll be capable of facing any potentially threatening situation.

Understanding Protein

Published on 17th Oct 2019 at 10:06 by New You

In the past there have been multiple warnings about protein-rich diets with suggestions that they may lead to kidney problems, increase the risk of heart disease and even cause cancer - these claims are unfounded.

In actual fact having a protein-rich diet can profoundly impact the body in a number of positive and different ways. It can contribute towards reducing blood pressure, enabling weight loss, increasing metabolism, maintaining and building muscle tissue, increasing satiety(fullness), boosting the immune system and enhancing bone health.

New Year, New You, Can you start by changing just 1% of what you do?

Published on 3rd Jan 2018 at 13:16 by Dr Heather McKee

"That’s it, I’m giving up alcohol/smoking/chocolate/[insert whatever it is you feel you’ve overindulged in here]".

Following Christmas, many of us feel driven to make drastic changes and ambitious goals in retribution for our December indulgences. Whilst our motivation is in the right place, these goals tend to put us under unnecessary pressure where we feel we have to make all of the positive changes at once and do them perfectly without any slip-ups, otherwise, it’s all been in vain.

This isn’t effective and frankly, it’s not an enjoyable way to live your life. This cycle of crime (overindulging) and then punishment (restriction and deprivation) is just too hard to maintain both physically and mentally.

Special Populations, Ageing and Diseases

Published on 29th Dec 2017 at 09:09 by New You

Fitness is the path wherein all people, regardless of their previous physical state can find that movement helps them to feel more energetic and pain-free.

According to the CSO (Central Statistics Office Ireland,) life expectancy for the average Irish male is 78.3 years and female is 82.7. Since the first average was calculated in 1926 this represents a staggering increase of 36.4% for men and 42.8% for women. What’s more is that it has risen nearly 2% in the last ten years! This means that as we live longer more people will have a heightened interest in maintaining their quality of life.

Preparing for Surgery

Published on 22nd Dec 2017 at 19:00 by New You

No matter who you are, minor and major surgeries can be daunting. We worry about the pain involved, how long the recovery will take, potential weight gain due to inactivity and whether physical life will ever resume as normal. The great part about the era we live in, however, is that many doctors are quite forward thinking and believe that training the rest of the body as well as keeping the injured area as strong as possible, promotes the successful all around healing of the person.

5 Evidence Based Tips to Help You Weather the Christmas Period and Keep on Track with Your Health Goals

Published on 15th Dec 2017 at 10:45 by Dr Heather McKee

As soon as January rolls around you feel as if you have this huge mountain to climb. It puts you under unnecessary pressure which often can result in going to extremes such as juicing, detoxing and other non-evidence based restrictive methods to make up for your overindulgences. These methods are one; not going to lead to long-term weight loss, and two; are a miserable, punishing experience.

There is a balance to be struck. It’s about finding that sweet spot where you feel you are keeping on track most of the time and yet feel able to indulge in some of the wonderful things that Christmas time brings.
The key this time of year, is not to completely throw the towel in, but to find a happy compromise. Below I list 5 tips that can help support you in finding that balance and keep you on track.

The Downward Spiral: How Weight Gain & Injury Go Hand in Hand

Published on 3rd Nov 2017 at 17:01 by New You

Being overweight causes incredible stress on the body. According to a Harvard University Medical School publication, obesity directly increases a person’s risk of getting over 50 diseases, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, gout, gallstones, fibromyalgia and depression.

Getting Back on Track With Your Habits

Published on 21st Oct 2017 at 09:19 by Dr Heather McKee

We’ve all been there…. 

You have done really well at sticking to your health goals for a couple of weeks but then something happened and you’ve found yourself struggling to get back into your healthy routine again.

3 (Science Backed) Healthy Habits That Will Transform Your Life This Autumn

Published on 25th Sep 2017 at 14:12 by Dr Heather McKee

Dr McKee’s programmes have introduced a more intelligent and evidence based way for you to achieve long term success. Dr McKee is running the last Open Day of 2017 in New You Monday October 9th click here to reserve your free 20 minute consultation. Below she introduces 3 evidence based ways in which you can adopt healthy habits that will transform your life this autumn.

Make the First Step:

What Our Clients Say:

"Walking out of New You approx. 14 weeks later was easy. The whole world seemed different, I weighed 60lbs less, I was lighter on my feet having much more energy. Weighing 13 stone 5lbs with a 37.5 inch waist, felt great. Having lots more muscle tone, that felt even better. I am now significantly stronger tighter and fitter than ever before."

David Kiely

"After 12 weeks of 6am starts, constant attention from John, good pains and a well-balanced diet... I love what I have become. I couldn't believe that I fitted back into my leather trousers that I couldn't pull up above my knees. And boy do they fit well! I suppose losing 12 kg of body fat and over 8 inches from my waist whilst gaining nearly 2 kg of muscle had to make a difference. "


"Its nearly 11 months since I started with New You. I haven’t put any weight back on, in fact I have continued to get considerably leaner lighter stronger and fitter.* I weigh just over 13 stone, my body fat is now under 15% which makes me pretty athletic, my waist is down to 32 inches and my lean tissue has continued to improve."

Colin Duffy

"Walking through the doors of NEW YOU for the first time was extremely difficult. At 55-years of age I had very little confidence and low self esteem. Twelve weeks later I walked out of NEW YOU a completely different person. I had dropped 37lbs of body fat, which meant I had gone from just over 11 stone to 8 and a half stone."


"I would like to thank my trainer and the medical support from New You and all the team who took a keen interest in my results. Also a special thanks to my mother Christine who got me started and supported me all the way. I have to say that one of the life changing moments I have had besides everything else… is to be able to buy clothes off the peg."

Kieran Smith

Disclaimer: Please note our testimonials are based upon individual results. Results from personal training and weight management programmes can vary from person to person and there is no guarantee of specific outcome. Our success stories are meant to showcase what our most motivated clients have done and should not be taken as average or typical results.

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